Weekend food trip to Malacca

It was a gruelling nine-hour journey from Singapore to the doorstep of Jonker Boutique Hotel at the famous Jonker Street. The published travel time ranges from 3.5hrs to 4hrs by public transportation (bus), however due to the weekend crowd of Malaysians and Singaporeans alike traveling for a quick weekend getaway, the travel time took longer than usual, much longer.

Despite this setback, I had more than enough time to savor the culinary fare that Malacca is known for. My top picks that made the trip, and the calories, worth it.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.54.03 PM.png

Weekend food trip to Malacca

Note: It may be difficult to find some of these locations, research prior to the trip is recommended.

  1. Popiah
  2. Satay Celup
  3. Seafood stall at the weekend night market (closest to Jonker Boutique Hotel)
  4. Lala clams
  5. Durian Cendol

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.53.43 PM.png


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