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Paris, solo.

Day 4. Monday. 12th December.

It has been awesome so far, I am kept in awe of a lot of things here. Just walking around the streets is entertaining by itself. I have finally mastered the art and science of taking the metro (and dodging suspicious looking characters). I have mastered where to safekeep my wallet in my backpack so that the smartest of pickpockets cannot even reach and find its way to it. I am so thankful to the app – Citymapper and Google maps – they have been literally taking me by the hand and walking me through the streets of Paris.

I am no longer afraid to travel the city alone. I have unlimited wi-fi thanks to Hippo WiFi and the connection is the same as fiber line back in Singapore – it is my lifeline, my go-to to literally go from point to point. It gives me the freedom not to worry and the need not to carry a ton of maps or travel guide books, there’s no stopping me from going where I want to go, no matter how far – I can literally walk everywhere (as long as it is in the day) or take the metro. No problem at all.


What I’ve done so far in the past few days? Climb up the Eiffel Tower which is as touristy as it could get, but a must see. Hang around and stare at the bright blue sky at Place des Vosges. Visit museum after museum with no care if I leave half an hour after getting in because it just doesn’t interest me at all. Dine at the places I have earmarked for this trip – the must eats and must devour. Drank glass after glass of wine.


Here’s my cup of espresso at the cafe I have been wanting to visit for the longest time – Le Pure Cafe – where Before Sunset was shot with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

I have also been waking up at ungodly hours – 1am, 2am and this morning with an improvement at 4am. I cannot help but sleep as early as 8pm – I can’t help it, I’m as Asian woman who refuses to leave +8 timezone. I have also been eating at weird hours, breakfast at 11am, lunch at 3pm and nothing at all for dinner. I hope tonight will be better, but I can’t stay up so late as well because I am off to Strasbourg tomorrow!

With my travel plans being flexible and my itinerary totally within my control – I can skip plans as and when I like. I just decided to ditch Sacre Coeur today just because it has been freezing out and I am totally tired from moving out of the airbnb and to the hostel, plus my long walk to Canal Saint Martin for my boulangerie hunt and late lunch at Le Verre Vole.

atm – I am at the most happening hostel lounge and bar with a spiked iced tea while waiting for my laundry to finish up. It is 5.30pm in the afternoon, it is already dark outside and I am at the mercy of my sleepy head, hoping I don’t knock off so early and wake up at God-knows what time.

Off to Strasbourg tomorrow!


I hate running.

Never loved it, never excelled in it. But today, I ran my first half marathon. The only training I have are a bunch of HIIT and yoga sessions that I do on intervals about 3-4 times a week. And today, as I ran my first few kilometers, already left behind by my friends, I told myself – once I hit my 10km mark, I will call an uber and be done with it. I just wanted to let everyone know that I got into it, tried but made a rationale decision that I was not made for it.

After I got past the 10km, I told myself – maybe a few more kilometers won’t hurt – and as I walked and ran intermittently, 12, 13, 14 – I knew I was going to make it ’til the end – and that made all the difference. Today I am so proud of myself, for conquering my fear and for getting over myself and just letting go and followed where my feet led me.

As I recover in the next few days – it will be with a smile because I pushed on, proved my own self wrong, that indeed mind is stronger than matter. I set myself to fail, but realized I wanted to get there and win, and when I put my mind into it – I can do it! and I did!