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Ella, on foot and by heart

After baking myself in the sun, I traveled to the cold mountains of Ella. Arriving in the early evening at Lakhshmi’s Hotel, I was welcomed with open arms by the owners and fed well with a simple local meal. My room was super spacious – a king size bed and another twin bed with mosquito net canopies. After a good night’s sleep, off I went the next day to brave the trek to Mini Adam’s Peak.

2017-03-22 10.11.46.jpg

My hotel was a good starting point to Mini Adam’s Peak, walking past Ella town which is literally really just one busy street and turning left to a dirt road that goes high up the mountain side which will later on lead to Mini Adam’s Peak. After a leisurely stroll, took me about half an hour to reach the foot of the trail up to the infamous peak.

2017-03-22 11.19.04.jpg 2017-03-22 11.19.23.jpg 2017-03-22 11.20.19.jpg2017-03-22 11.32.17.jpg 2017-03-22 11.34.00.jpg

The trail to the peak is manageable and easy but seemed like a neverending set of steps up the mountain.

2017-03-22 12.03.23.jpg

The view though was breathtaking. I had to pause at certain points to catch my breath.

2017-03-22 12.17.02.jpg

Once I reached the top, I was about to turn left when there was a skinny snake that crossed right in front of me, I froze. After getting over it, I quickly galloped my way to the viewing point where I could see this view in its entirety.

2017-03-22 12.20.00 copy.jpg

Some relevant information about Ella:

  • choose a hotel near Ella town as it is quite a walk if you would choose to stay nearby Mini Adam’s Peak. However, if you are sensitivie to the noise – then choose somewhere farther
  • Unless you have other plans, for me, it was enough to stay two nights to give you ample time to chill and see some really scenic places such as the Mini Adam’s Peak and Nine Arches Bridge
  • Cafe Chill is an awesome place with a good crowd, fantabulous food and ambiance. The bean bags are uber comfy!

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